Today in the city Good Hope 20.06.2018
Small Nuclear Passes a Milestone – But Does it Have a Future?

U.S. regulators for the first time have approved a design for a ‘small modular reactor,’ but it remains to be seen whether going small can save nuclear power.

China's Decision To Lower Automotive Tariffs Is Good News In The South

The United States' second-largest motor vehicle export market is the world's largest auto market, China. So it was certainly good news when China announced Monday that it will reduce its tariff on imp...

Author explains how Pakistan views U.S. school shootings: 'You have your types of terrorism and we have ours'

Among the 10 students and teachers murdered at Santa Fe High School near Houston last Friday was Sabika Sheikh, a foreign exchange student from Pakistan who was about 20 days away from returning home...

Watch: Mariners Release Hype Video, Unveil Jerseys for Turn Ahead the Clock Night

The Mariners are bringing back the 20-year-old promotional night and this new video will have you ready for June 30 to get here even sooner.

Advice From A Nice Girl: How Do I Make A Good First Impression When I'm Shy?

Welcome to Refinery29’s new career column Advice From A Nice Girl. Each month, readers will be asking Fran Hauser, bonafide boss and author of the book The Myth Of The Nice Girl , their hardest career...

U.S. Public Schools Have Lost 20% Of Their Librarians Since 2000

Since 2000, public school districts across the country have lost an average of 20% of librarians and media specialists. The librarian exodus — which saw the most dramatic drop following the Great Rece...

Does Silicon Valley Have An Arrogance Problem?

Does Silicon Valley have an arrogance problem? This question was originally answered on Quora by Shuba Swaminathan.

Veteran and double amputee claims Six Flags kicked him off ride: ‘Nah bro, you gotta have two real legs’

A retired U.S. marine and double amputee claims he was refused entry to a Six Flags ride because he didn’t have “real legs.”

Utah high school yearbook describes rival as 'ghetto,' 'trash'

A Utah high school came under fire last week after a page in its yearbook described a rival school as “ghetto,” “trash” and “annoying” among other negative descriptions.

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